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Accelerated Marriage Therapy

Scott Credeur (MA, CHC, CFN, CPT)  is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in Accelerated Marriage Therapy sessions and clinics. 


What is Accelerated Marriage Counseling?

Accelerated Marriage Counseling is a Biblically based, problem solving,  solution focused event that focuses on learning effective communication, conflict resolution, and healing past hurts. This approach has proven effective even in the most troubled relationships. 

Why choose Accelerated Marriage Counseling?

The most practical answer is time. Hourly counseling brings up problems but leaves little time for solutions. Accelerated marriage therapy works through years of problems in two days and yields results. It helps to resolve years of hurtful events and prepares you to successfully handle future conflict.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Addresses both sides of the story

  • Transformative biblical concepts

  • 5 warm-up steps that guarantee successful conflict resolution

  • Eliminating worry, fear, and anxiety that prevents an abundant life

  • Discovering true freedom by gaining powerful self-control

  • Getting your partner to share more heartfelt emotions

  • Learn how problems and emotional distance develop

  • Learn why meeting needs with good intentions is not enough

  • Protect your marriage from infidelity

  • Learn how to communicate desires, needs, and hurts without provoking anger

  • Eliminate your partners anger

  • Help resolve childhood hurts that can hinder the present

  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness

  • Discover your partners need of the moment

  • Learn how misapplying boundaries can destroy your marriage

  • How misapplying the “God is all we need” concept damages marriage

  • Helping your partner discover ways they have hurt you

  • Why “coping” with problems is not biblical

  • Why “just choosing to forgive” doesn’t fully work

  • Experience true forgives

  • Recover and regain trust after adultery

How do I schedule a session?

To schedule an Accelerated Marriage Counseling session, contact Scott at or call (281) 762-1825.

Isn't it time to remove failed approaches to communication, behavior change, and healing?  Isn't it time to resolve hurts and regain trust?

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