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Business & Life Coaching

The great purpose of life and/or business coaching is to help people who are moving through change or need to make a big change in their lives and don’t know quite where to start.  Whether it’s dealing with changes in career, life stages, or health, life coaches work with clients to take steps toward something big in their lives.

Sharise Amante

Christian Personal Development Coach

Sharise is dedicated to helping women, teens, and families navigate life’s turning points with compassion and wisdom. As a Certified Christian Life Coach, her desire is to help others find contentment and direction in the midst of transition.


Sometimes we all need a little help to see clearly.  Life takes unexpected turns, and can bring difficult seasons.   A trusted coach will sit down with you, listen, and be your guide as you identify and address issues that are keeping you from moving forward. Once a plan is established, we will support and encourage your progress through obstacles, and celebrate your accomplishments every step of the way. Together we will find the good that can come from change, new beginnings, and the hope in knowing God has an extraordinary purpose for our lives.

Focus areas include:

  • Transition - empty nest, divorce recovery, caregiver

  • Mid Life - menopause, dissatisfaction

  • Parenting 

  • Health - self care, fear, anxiety

  • Relationship with Christ  


Sharise is certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors, a member of the American Counseling Association, and a Certified Public Accountant.  She has been an active part of her community in Fort Bend County and member of River Pointe Church for 18 years, lived overseas in the Czech Republic for 3 years, and is a 4th generation Houstonian.


Sharise has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 24 years, and they have three children - two currently in college and one at Clements High School.  She is a foodie by birth, a sport’s fan by children, and an optimist by choice, trusting in God’s provision.


To make an appointment with Sharise, email or call (281) 762-1825.

Sharise Amante

Christian Personal Development Coach


Dan Pore

Pastoral Counselor and Certified Life Coach

In 2016, BACC launched a satellite office in Columbus, Texas to serve the needs of Colorado County. Daniel Pore oversees the BACC office in Columbus on the campus of Zoe Christian Freedom Church.


Dan has over 35 years of experience working in behavioral science. He specializes in working with clients who are struggling with substance abuse and mood disorders including suicidal impulses, anxiety, depression, and grief. Dan’s expertise is in working with at risk youth, juvenile probation, intervention, and teens and families dealing with legal issues. Dan previously worked with Prison Fellowship Ministries InnerChange Program as a Program Counselor.  Prior to coming onto the BACC team, Dan served as a Caseworker and Counselor at Colorado County Youth and Family Services. Additionally, Dan is a certified family mediator and individual life coach. Dan is the Senior Pastor of Zoe Christian Freedom Church in Columbus, Texas.


In 2016, Dan joined the BACC team as the Columbus satellite office director.  Dan is a Pastoral Counselor and received his Substance Abuse Certification from Drew University of Medicine and Science.


To learn more about Dan or the BACC satellite office in Columbus, contact Daniel at

Dan Pore

Pastoral Counselor and

Certified Life Coach

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