There is nothing clinical or sterile about BACC. It is a safe and comfortable place to process the difficult and unexpected. 

Counseling for Adults and Couples 

BACC offers counseling services for both individuals and couples.  BACC has therapists with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties. All of the therapists have demonstrated competencies in different areas. To read about each therapist’s background please check out the therapists’ page. Overwhelmed? Just call us and we can help walk you through the process of finding the best therapist for you.
Below are some of the areas in which the BACC team is experienced:
  • Accelerated Marriage Counseling*
  • addictions
  • anger management
  • anxiety
  • children's play therapy
  • conflict resolution
  • depression
  • divorce
  • mediation
  • family struggles
  • grief
  • life skills coaching
  • marital or relationship discord
  • men’s issues
  • mental disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • parenting concerns
  • physical/sexual/emotional abuse
  • postpartum difficulties
  • self esteem issues
  • sexual addiction
  • unresolved trauma
  • women’s issues
Scott Credeur specializes is Accelerated Marriage Counseling. To learn more about this specific therapy, click here.
Fees range from $40-$140 per visit. Some of our therapists work with a sliding scale which is $1 per thousand dollars of you annual income with a minimum of $40 and a maximum of $75 per visit. Some therapists have a fixed rate fee. To learn more about what to expect at BACC, please read our FAQ's.