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How do I choose a counselor or coach?

You can find out more about each of our counselors on the Therapists page and Coaches page. There you can read about each counselor’s educational and training background, passions, and approach. If you would like further information, call the center to schedule an introductory appointment. In this appointment we will help you determine which therapist or coach would be the best fit for you. 



How do I set up an appointment?

Give us a call at 281-762-1825.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and can schedule your introductory appointment. If you already have an existing relationship with a therapist, you may email them directly or you may call the office phone number for an appointment. 


What is an introductory appointment?

An introductory appointment is scheduled so we can get to know more about you, your history, and what brings you in. We do this in order to place you with the therapist or coach best suited to help.  



Do you have a cancellation policy?

A full 24 hours is required for cancellations in order to avoid being charged for the scheduled time. Monday appointments must be cancelled the Friday before and, thus, a 72-hour notice requirement will apply. Missed or late cancelled appointments are charged at the rate of a normal office visit.  We do realize that at times a “no-show” or cancellation with less than 24 hour notice will be necessary. However, for a number of reasons, there are no exceptions to this policy regarding the business part of our working relationship:

(1) compensation for our time is the only way we generate income for our livelihood; (2) we do not believe it is therapeutic for our patients to put ourselves in the parental position of evaluating the merits of any particular circumstance; (3) with adequate notice we can often fill your reserved time, but without adequate notice we cannot; and, (4) learning to live within boundaries and the emotions surrounding this issue, are a very important part of the therapy process.



What are the fees? How do I pay?

The therapists and life coaches fees range from $90-$150 per visit based on education, credentials, and experience. Contact the center to learn what each therapists fees are at the current date (these fees change from time to time due to a change in the therapists credentials). Some of the therapists are under supervision while they earn hours which apply toward licensure. You can pay with a credit card, cash, or check payable to BACC.  



Do you take insurance?

Our therapists are out of network providers for insurance. We will provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance company for out of network benefits. Please contact your insurance company to determine the scope of your out of network benefits.  Some clients choose to use Flexible Savings Plans or Health Savings Plans for services.
* Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment (Discover, Mastercard, Visa).



How early do I have to show up? Is there paperwork to fill out?

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the necessary paperwork. This may be done before you come or at the office. Your new client forms will be emailed to you when you schedule an appointment or you may download them next to your therapist profile. If you are an adult couple, one per person needs to be filled out. If the counseling is for a child, then we need paperwork specified for the child. If you are not the biological parent of the child, or in the case of divorce, we need the documentation that shows you have the legal right to decide on psychological care for the child. In some cases additional paperwork is needed, and the administrative or clinical staff will make you aware of this when you make the appointment or during your first appointment.



Where is the counseling center? How do I get there? Where do I park?

Sugar Land Location:

Our main office is located at the Esoon Enterprises Bldg at 13313 SW Freeway, Suite 288, Sugar Land, TX.  77478. Our website, email address, and phone number will remain the same.


River Oaks Location: 

BACC River Oaks is located at: River Oaks Tower 3730 Kirby Dr. Ste 800 Houston, TX 77098. For more information, click here.

Pecan Grove Location:

BACC has a satellite office at Pecan Grove Baptist Church. The office is located at: 1727 Farm to Market 359, Richmond, TX 77406. For more information, click here.

Katy Location:

BACC has a satellite office at Living Word Church. The office is located at: 16607 Clay Rd. Houston, TX. 77084. For more information, click here.


Is there childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not offer childcare.



When are appointments available?

Appointments are available seven days a week.  Each therapist has unique scheduling availability depending on weekly schedules and room availability.  Scott Credeur and LoriAnn Colvin provide Saturday appointments and occasional Sunday appointments.  Please call

281-762-1825 to check availability and to set up an appointment. 



What else does the counseling center offer?

Mediation, business and life coaching, consultation, preparation for marriage classes, and referral to specialists in the community are also offered. Issues requiring long term care are referred to alternate community resources.  Additionally, counselors are available to teach classes and present seminars on a wide variety of topics to church or business related groups. Frequently requested topics include: addictive behaviors, marriage and family enrichment, money management, parenting issues, separation and divorce, spiritual concerns, vocational/educational choices, and stress in the workplace.  We also offer various support groups such as: Sexual Addictions for Men. Additionally, we have a pre-marital counseling for couples interested in pursuing a healthy start to marriage. For additional information, call 281-762-1825 or email  



What about confidentiality?

By state laws we are bound to confidentiality. Each counselor’s informed consent gives the details of the confidentiality. Basically, what is discussed in your counselor’s office, as well as the fact you are a counseling client, is kept confidential. If your therapist believes you to be a danger to yourself or others, then steps to protect you or others will be taken.




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