Group & Event Descriptions
Men's Sexual Addiction Recovery Group

When: Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Where: BACC Sugar Land Office 

Registration: Email Gene at

Led by: Gene Gallagher

Cost: $30 per session

About the Group

It is important to recognize when sexual behavior has crossed the line from healthy intimacy to an obsessive and compulsive behavior requiring professional help.  The indications of problematic sexual behavior include:


  • Inability to control the “acting out” thoughts and behaviors

  • Obsessing or preoccupation with these sexual behaviors or fantasies of them

  • Significant adverse consequences in relationships, at work, or with law enforcement

  • Continuation despite consequences


Sex addicts will continue to engage in sexual behavior, even though they experience tremendous guilt and shame over their uncontrollable behavior.  To compound the problem, they will live in fear that they will be discovered, further exacerbating the shame.  Rather than seeking help, they will flee further into their isolation and secrets.  Those emotions will trigger more inappropriate sexual behavior to block out the pain of their addiction and isolation.  The addiction that was meant to rescue the victim from emotional pain has now become bondage to the persecutor.


These sexual behaviors today appear as “one night stands” and affairs, pornography and cybersex, self-stimulation, voyeurism and exhibitionism, strip clubs or massage parlors, prostitution, romance and relationship addiction to name a few.








The goals of our Men-only Sex Addiction Recovery Group is to:


  • Establish a Christian recovery program that integrates biblical principles and spiritual disciplines in all phases of the treatment.

  • Provide a safe atmosphere that allows our client to drop their masks of isolation and become vulnerable to work through the shame and fear that drives their addiction.

  • Develop shame resilience by talking through their pain with trusted men who share and understand their experience.

  • Help our clients understand what actually is Reality and to learn how to cope with its challenges.

  • Guide and support clients through the 9-12 month addiction withdrawal process.

  • Provide psycho-education curriculum for the client to have a comprehensive understanding of the origins and dynamics of sex addiction.

  • Become aware of the family of origin issues and any traumas that have contributed to setting the client up to using the sexual behaviors as a coping mechanism.

  • Create a structured program that is measurable and task oriented.

  • Instill the skills, plans, knowledge and understanding necessary to establish, support and maintain a stable and consistent abstinence from the compulsive sexual behaviors.

  • Build new life practices that will instill safety, creativity, vulnerability and relationship intimacy.

  • Provide a program for men with financial and/or time restraints that might otherwise have made treatment unavailable for them.

  • Be God’s vessel in clients’ lives to fulfill the plans God intended for them.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to

 prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


This sex addiction recovery group will be based on the ground breaking curriculum of Dr. Patrick Carnes, the leading authority in the world on sexual addiction recovery.  The group utilizes Dr. Carnes’ 30-task model and the principles of the 12 Steps as its foundation as well as other well-established tools for the treatment of addiction and promotion of mental well-being.  Besides using his workbook, Facing the Shadow, for the therapeutic work of the withdrawal stage, the group uses his companion workbook, Shadows of the Cross, to establish the Christian basis for all the therapeutic work.  The group is led by a pastoral counselor experienced in establishing and leading Christian sex addiction recovery groups for over a decade.

Healing from Infidelity - Women’s Support Group 

When: Wednesdays from 6:30p.m.- 8:00p.m. 

Cost: $30/session

Where: BACC Sugar Land Office

Contact : Tiffany Chen M.S.,LPC, NCC for more details or 713-364-8053


If you have felt broken by your husband’s sexual betrayal, whether an isolated incident or a pattern of addiction, this group works towards empowering you to realize you do not have to heal from this alone.

  • We will develop practical skills to help in the healing process.

  • We will learn skills that will empower you as an individual who chooses to either stay within your marriage or leave your marriage.

  • We will establish the skills to empower you emotionally and spiritually to transform you from the inside-out.

  • I will introduce you to many amazing authors, workbooks and other aids that will enhance your moving forward past this incident and into a life that does not define you as a victim of broken vows.

To learn more, contact Tiffany at or call

(713) 364-8053.