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Led By: April Bradford

7 tips for better communication in your home. Whether you are newly married with just the two of you in the house, or have been married for 20+ years and have multiple people in your home; these 7 tips can help you prevent misunderstandings and promote open and honest communication.

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Re-entry Issues for Ex-offenders and Their Loved Ones

Led By: Dan Pore

Oftentimes transitioning from a life of incarceration can be daunting for not only the person attempting to transition back into mainstream society, but also for the loved ones who must now readjust their lives to receive them. The initial domestic, financial, and emotional effects can be devastating.  This workshop will peruse over the issues to be considered and render some ideas to maximize healthy family, and societal reunification while minimizing recidivism.

Options in Education

Led by: April Bradford

Parents no matter what the age of your children this seminar is for you. We will cover the options available with public school, private school, home school, and online school. Did you know there is a public online school for children of all ages? Did you know your high school student can get up to 2 years of college during their Junior and Senior year of high school absolutely free? There are so many options in education these days. One size does not fit all. Come explore several of the options available for each of your children.