Parenting Topics
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Led be: Matt Barnhill or Linda Horan

This seminar will help you identify both parenting styles and discipline methods that are effective and helpful with today’s youth culture.​


Led by: Julie Barnhill

Options in Education

Led by: April Bradford

Parents no matter what the age of your children this seminar is for you. We will cover the options available with public school, private school, home school, and online school. Did you know there is a public online school for children of all ages? Did you know your high school student can get up to 2 years of college during their Junior and Senior year of high school absolutely free? There are so many options in education these days. One size does not fit all. Come explore several of the options available for each of your children.

​Parenting the Depressed/Troubled  Teen

Led by: Matt Barnhill

This seminar addresses the needs of adolescents who are struggling with depression or discouragement and the guidance they require.

Life After Launch: A Roadmap for Parent’s Whose Kids Have Left the Nest​

Led by: Sharise Amante 

Oh how we welcome September!  The end of a long hot summer, back to school and the beginning of Fall.  But for many of us with high school graduates who've left the nest, this season is not as familiar as it once was.   If you’re in uncharted territory and in need of a little direction, don't miss this seminar "Life after Launch: A road map for parents whose kids have left the nest." We’ll talk about what it’s like to send our kids off to their next step after high school, share stories that weren’t funny at the time (but can be laughed at now), and offer insight and practical steps you can take as you explore this new phase of life.