Classes, Seminars & Workshops
Affair Recovery
Led by: Scott Credeur

Led By: April Bradford

7 tips for better communication in your home. Whether you are newly married with just the two of you in the house, or have been married for 20+ years and have multiple people in your home; these 7 tips can help you prevent misunderstandings and promote open and honest communication.

EQ – Also known as Emotional Intelligence

Led by: April Bradford

Learn how you can improve your relationships and excel in life by becoming more emotionally intelligent. This is a key life skill that is often overlooked but that can revolutionize your relationships in home and at work. Come learn the basics of this skill so you can begin to practice and see the benefits of EQ. Emotional intelligence can help to bring harmony in your home and create stronger families.


Led by: Julie Barnhill

Relational Needs
Led by: Scott Credeur
Relationship Issues
Led by: Scott Credeur
Resolving Conflict
Led by: Scott Credeur
Sexual Betrayal in Marriage
Led by: Ann Younger
Marriage/Relationship Enrichment

Led by: Matt Barnhill and Julie Barnhill

This seminar addresses identifying our relational needs in ourselves and others and gives practical ways to improve our relational connections.