Running from God

One of my favorite authors and pastors is John Ortberg. John is a pastor in the San Francisco Bay Area at a Presbyterian Church. I love reading his stuff. He, like me, has a background in psychology and theology so everything he says I wish I had thought to say. I met him once after a talk he gave and I told him he would never get to speak at my church because I have already used most of his material. Preachers have a saying that goes, “When _________ writes a better book, I’ll preach a better sermon.” John is the guy whose name I put in the blank. You should read everything he’s written if you want to grow as a follower of Christ. The comments below about running from God were gleaned from a message I heard him give to his congregation. Enjoy and grow.

"It is never too late to quit running from God. It is never, never too late to quit running from God, and I'll tell you something else, it is never too soon to quit running from God…never too soon. Maybe you've been doing it in really obvious ways. People around you who know you and love you can see it. Maybe you've been running in secret, hidden ways. Maybe you were hardly even aware of it until right now and the Holy Spirit is talking to you about some area of your life.

Maybe a storm has hit or is coming. Don't wait for the storm to get any worse. Jesus always has the same invitation, 'run to me'. Running away does not work in life. It just doesn't work."

Here’s a great prayer to pray. “Lord, have I been running from you?” Pray that prayer and then listen for the next several days. Just listen. Listen to your thoughts. Listen to your loved ones around you. Listen to the voice inside of you. Runners aren’t very good listeners. Running is often the thing we do to keep from listening. I’ve run from God a lot in my life. I agree with John in his comments, it just doesn't work.

Have a great day. I welcome your comments. God bless, Matt.


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