What does it mean to be thankful?

For several years, I have watched friends take the month of November and write a special “thankful” entry each day on Facebook. It always seemed so sweet and a good way to focus on the positive, so this year I decided to give it a go.

Y’all, it is HARD to be thankful for 30 days straight! I mean, it is easy to be thankful for your family, friends, roof over your head, job….but when you actually have to look passed all the hard, negative, awful things that may have happened during a day and dig for something to be thankful about – that is when you truly learn the definition of “thankful”. When God shows you the light in the darkness.

One of my most meaningful moments was sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for them to draw blood for some testing. Not my favorite place by a long shot. I want to share this post with you from my day 9 entry:

“Thirty days of Thankful: Day 9 -Today, I had a doctor's appointment, which I usually dread. The wait, the needles, more waiting, anxiety about results...it just goes on. I sat in the waiting room and was finally called back to get blood drawn.

As I walked in and settled into the chair, I glanced over to another chair across the room. In this chair sat a man patiently waiting for his blood test as well. But as he waited, he cradled a book in his hand. I could tell he wasn't a great reader as he used his pointer finger to follow along from word to word. He seemed to just consume the words he was reading. As I looked more closely, I realized that he was reading the Bible. As he sat there in the craziness, he was calm and focused. He was focused on something far more important than this moment, in this place.

So today, I am thankful for this man. My brother in Christ, who reminded me in my anxiety that there is someone SO much bigger than this place. Bigger than my fears. Bigger than doctors and medicine. My Father in heaven is bigger than it all. And I am thankful for the peace that this man shared with me. He had no idea I was there or what he meant to me in that moment. But I am thankful for him.”

This is what thankfulness is about. It is about seeking out a moment, even in the darkness, where God shows you His light. Granted, there are days where the light is so dim you can barely see it, but it is there. In the loss of a job, His light is there. In the struggle in your marriage or with a lost child, His light is there. In the death of a loved one, His light is there.

I challenge you to look for His light each day, especially as we enter the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Center yourself around the light of thankfulness and the true meaning of the season will be revealed.

And, as always, if you are struggling to find your light, I’m here. We can find it together.


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