It’s Gonna Be HUGE! Keeping big picture ideas in check with realistic expectations

You guys, this election roller coaster we are on is about to throw me for a loop. Up, down, over and under, I sometimes can’t tell which way is up. And every candidate has something HUGE that they want to do that no one else could possibly do that will just solve every problem we have, you know…they are selling a pretty big magic wand!

But friends, don’t we do the same thing to ourselves ALL the time?

“This diet is going to solve ALL my weight issues.”

“You know, I joined the gym, so I should look pretty awesome in NO TIME.”

“I got this great NEW JOB so all the problems I’ve ever had at work will be GONE.”

OK, so you may not have said it out loud but you know you’ve thought it. And these thoughts sabotage the goal from the get go! If you just focused on doing the first thing – eating healthy, going to the gym, or your great new job - things would probably work out pretty well. But instead, we assign some crazy, unrealistically HUGE requirement to this goal that is going to solve ALL our problems. And instead it derails us at the first curve.

So how do we keep realistic expectations? Well, first we need to do some quick self-examination. Why the heck do we actually expect one thing to be the magic wand that solves everything? Here are some ideas:

  1. We want it to work really, really badly

  2. We need it to work, really, really badly

  3. We don’t want to work really, really hard for it

  4. We are exhausted because it hasn’t just worked

Yep. Magic wand, folks. And it just doesn’t work that way.

So back to keeping it real. Keeping it real means setting a goal and understanding that it takes time, dedication and, often times, sacrifice to achieve it. Keeping it real means breaking down a goal into actionable baby steps that you can do each day so you don’t have your eye on this HUGE goal that can overwhelm you. Keeping it real means being realistic that there is no magic wand.

And that’s ok. Why? Because instant gratification gives us “results” that are easily forgotten. Work done well produces results that impact us for the long haul and satisfy the soul.

It’s worth it to do it right and keep your expectations in check. And if you need a little help, I’m here for you!

Love and hugs!



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