Life's Turning Points

I’ve never been a fan of the term “reinventing myself”. Sure - I get the meaning – but it sounds so contrived and spontaneous, sort of like waking up one morning and deciding “Hey, I think I’ll be a surgeon today” or going into the witness protection program. What I do believe in, however, is that life sometimes reinvents us. A common thread that runs through everything we do for years one day presents itself as a well-worn garment. Once recognized, pursuing it is authentic. Regardless of when the time comes to move forward, it’s a direction that’s right – even necessary – for our life.

My recent entry into Christian Personal Development Coaching was 30 years of bible studies, a career in financial reporting, two continents, one husband, three children, and lots of prayer in the making. I’ve studied, taught, mentored, and advised my entire life as I’ve realized relationships and people are at the core of everything I value. But sometimes the pathway for change is less obvious, and life simply tells you something’s not working. I hurt when I see people who are stuck struggling through mid-life, career dissatisfaction, menopause, an empty nest, or stressed and anxious from parenting, care-giving, or health concerns. That’s my passion – helping people listen to their life and recognize when, where, and how they need to move forward. I call those moments life’s turning points, and we all have them.

Situations in life that call for decisive change require a plan. As personal development coaches we listen, identify, evaluate, encourage, comfort and celebrate as you work through a turning point. Is there something in your life that is weighing on you, or draining your energy and joy?

I would love to sit down with you, and help you identify and transition through a turning point you are facing. Research agrees that real change can happen in as little as 21 days, and having a specific accountability appointment with another person who cares about your plan doubles your probability of success and lasting results. Circumstances may not always change, but you will. It takes courage to begin, and I’d be happy to take that first step with you – call me anytime.

My best to you - Sharise

To learn more about Sharise and her role as a Personal Development Coach at BACC visit her profile, or contact her at or 281-762-1825.

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