You are what you eat: How is your diet affecting your ability to achieve your goals?

Y’all, I just got back from the most amazing vacation with my mom. We were celebrating her birthday (which was in January) on a wonderful cruise to the Caribbean and WOW! did we have a blast. We saw beautiful places, met some beautiful people (inside and out) and ate some beautiful food. Food…lots of food. Have you SEEN the buffets on these ships?

But when I got back, I have felt nothing but cruddy. Sick with a sinus infection (that I started fighting on the trip), lack of motivation and just downright foggy in the head. What the heck? Vacation is supposed to energize and invigorate. It is supposed to leave you refreshed and ready to take on the real world again. But that isn’t what happened. So what is the problem? Well, let’s circle back to that buffet…

Before I left for the trip, I had gotten into a very good place in terms of eating and nutrition. I was feeling awesome and couldn’t even make myself sleep in if I tried. My eyes would just pop open (which was kind of annoying when I really wanted to enjoy a good sleep-in on a Saturday morning). I had energy for days! And had lost about 15 pounds…BONUS!

But what I realized after my trip is that I destroyed that awesome, energized feeling with the first “beautiful” meal I enjoyed on my trip. Bread, pasta, rich foods and desserts. Even with monitoring the amount of food I ate (which I did) and with all the exercise we got while traveling (soooo much walking!), my energy was killed by my poor diet. It is so amazing how food directly affects my mood and overall energy level. It can definitely be a HUGE buzz kill.

All of us have goals to achieve and plans that we want to see take shape. From getting through a project at home to creating a new future for yourself, we have amazing things we want to do! And whether or not you are looking to lose a pound or two, food is still affecting your ability to make it to the finish line.

Things like artificial sweeteners, alcohol, fatty foods, high levels of refined carbs, caffeine…they all have a direct link on mood and can even contribute to depression and anxiety as well.

So what do we do? We don’t want to give up all the things we enjoy. Definitely not! But we do need to take note of WHAT we are putting into our bodies and how that might be working against us.

Take some time this week and just keep an eye on what you are eating. Is your diet balanced? Do you rely on a lot of artificial sweeteners, non-fat/low-fat fake foods, fast food, alcohol? Once you get a good snapshot of WHAT you are eating, you can quickly figure out where you are out of balance or over indulging in something that is killing your energy and focus.

I have included a few articles below that elaborate on the science of food and how it affects mood and I invite you to learn more. And, as always, I am here to help you make a change with food or reach the finish line on any other goal you may have.

Sending lots of love!



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