Let your words spill - The first step toward a great plan

I come from an Italian family, and married into an Italian family, which means crazy amounts of pasta and lots of talking. Talking is a sport for us – we use our hands, talk over each other, and talk until we lose track of time. My son didn’t start speaking until he was almost three, and I think he tried to make up for lost time over the next few years. He talked so much I would sometimes tease and warn he was close to using up all his words for the day – so he’d better save some for later. The silver lining in all this jabber is somewhere along the line I became a good listener, and realized we were doing much more than just having conversation.

When we talk, words spill out – expressing feelings, asking and answering questions in ways that may initially feel random, but will eventually organize and take shape. When something is weighing us down, or we are looking for change in our lives, we don’t always know how to move forward. It’s helpful to talk, and search our lives for reasons for the way we feel. This adds support to our thoughts. People who talk for a living call these organized thoughts “talking points”. As a Personal Development Coach, I call them the framework for a great plan.

But we know, even a great plan is useless without action. Google that - and you’ll get enough quotes to wallpaper a small room. We could say it a hundred different ways, but talking and planning is not enough - we must do. A good plan moves us forward with logical steps that can be both measured and evaluated. Yet sadly, approximately 50% of good plans are never followed through. It’s not for lack of purpose or passion, but lack of accountability. When we involve another person, who’s not only aware of the steps we are taking, but cares deeply about the outcome of our plan, we are 95% likely to succeed!

I’d love to talk with you, and let you spill out your words. Together we can find patterns and devise a plan that will lead to meaningful change in your life. I think you’ll be surprised by how powerful your words can be when they are organized, and how easy it can be to take action when someone is walking alongside. The reward is a happier, healthier life. I know you can do it - and if you need help, call me anytime.

My best to you – Sharise

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, contact Sharise@BarnhillCounseling.com or call 281-762-1825.

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