Summer Road Trips and Buc-ee’s - When it’s time to recharge

Nothing says summer and carefree like a good old-fashioned road trip – and nothing says road trip like a giant Buc-ee’s. Part necessity and part destination, stopping at this roadside oasis is a non-negotiable. In case you aren’t shaking your head in agreement – here’s why. In addition to cheap gas, great snacks, and bathrooms as clean as the ones you left at home, there is something among the sprawling shopping displays you never knew you wanted but can’t leave without. Whether you’re 9 or 90, there’s a rattlesnake keychain, a leather jacket, a dried Texas wildflower arrangement, or something in between, with your name on it. Above all, Buc-ee’s is just a great place to recharge when you’re on the road.

Everyone needs a safe place to pull over and recharge from time to time. Often in life, I’m in such a hurry to reach my destination I don’t even realize I’m running on empty. I ignore the warning signs and convince myself I can go a little bit further. But if I wait too long, I end up in trouble, and what could have been taken care of with a little attention blows up into a larger problem. The opposite is true when we have large issues packed away - over time they start seeping into other areas in our lives. They look like little problems, but are really symptoms of a bigger hurt. Both require an honest and intentional check-up of ourselves that can’t be done while we’re in motion.

So the question to ask ourselves as we journey through the ups and downs of life is, are we taking time to occasionally stop, refuel, and reassess. Taking good care of ourselves is its own reward. But if you find you are not up to the task, for reasons known or not yet understood, it helps to have a safe haven to pull over. Our therapists and coaches at Barnhill & Associates Counseling Center have years of experience to help you get back on the right track, whether you need help dealing with where you’ve been or just need someone to ride shotgun for a few miles. We’re focused on your health for the long haul, not just a summer getaway.

Regardless of the season, living in the suburbs can make every day feel like a road trip - and to prove it we have our very own Buc-ee’s on the corner. Next time you pass it, let it be a reminder to take a few moments this week, breathe deeply, and replenish yourself. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll be better prepared for the road ahead.

To learn more about how we can help, visit our webpage, find us on Facebook, or for appointments call 281-762-1825.

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