Your Cancer Coach

Friends, many of you know that I am a cancer survivor. A two-time cancer survivor to be specific. Yahoo! I am blessed beyond belief that I am still alive and kicking after nearly 10 years of fighting the Big C.

I tell you – cancer is scary. What do you feel when you hear the word CANCER? Worried? Confused? Sad? So many emotions can be bubble up from just one word. And when you are diagnosed with cancer, the impact of these emotions can be significant.

When you are given the diagnosis of cancer, the emotional side of the diagnosis is rarely mentioned. Yet, studies show that your emotional health and outlook play a huge part in your healing process.

In an article published through the NIH (National Institutes of Health), they make the link between chronic negativity and mood to increased cancer progression:

“Chronicity of negative affect, as manifested by depressed mood or hopelessness, appears to have stronger relationships with outcomes than do stressful events, suggesting that sustained activation of negative affective pathways may provide the strongest links to cancer progression.”

My doctors never ever mentioned the need for emotional support during my treatment. Ever. And it definitely showed as I looked at the faces of my fellow warriors in the trenches. There were some who were slowly drowning in their fears and negative emotions. And their families were in a similar boat. Who takes care of their emotional support?

Because of my journey, I have realized that there is a huge hole in our support of cancer patients and I am working to fill it.

As part of my coaching practice, I am a launching a special program for cancer patients and their families called "Your Cancer Coach".

As "Your Cancer Coach", I won’t be telling you what doctors to go to or what choices to make in your treatment. I want to walk with you through your emotional healing and recovery. I want to link arms and work with you to see the good and the positive in life, no matter the diagnosis. And for families, I want you to experience joy in the midst of the struggle to support and care for your warrior.

The word “survivor” doesn’t just mean that you walked through the trenches and you lived to see another day. To me, surviving means to thrive and live in joy, even in hard times.

If this is you – a warrior battling cancer or a family member who is in the trenches, I am here for you. You aren’t alone. I know your struggles, your heartache and pain. I know the fear. And I want to walk with you to find your joy and celebration each day.

For all cancer patients and families, I am offering a discounted rate for your first session. Give me a call and let’s begin your walk toward emotional healing!



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