The Pain of Past Choices

I knew several years ago that I would be used to help others recover from the pain of past choices. To be more specific, the pain of having chosen abortion. What I didn’t know was how much I would fall in love with these hurting people as they go on a journey that seems very scary to them.

Today there is much medical and psychological proof of the negative effects that are the aftermath of abortion. This is true for the woman, the girl, the man, or the boy. Whether she chose to have an abortion or the decision was made for her - there is deep scarring. Whether he abandoned the woman, encouraged abortion, or his heart was set against it - there is deep scarring.

One of the most difficult parts of getting help is admitting that there is a need for “something”. However, I’ve witnessed something much more difficult. When a hurting person steps into my office and says something like, “I’ve never told anyone before…and I’m so ashamed.” I can see the pain, the shame, the guilt, the fear, the deep grief, and my heart breaks because this breaks the very heart of God. He did not intend for us be burdened with this kind of pain. God is desperate for it all (the pain, the memories, the hurtful emotions) to be given to Him.

Yes, the effects of abortion are deep scarring. But, the journey of healing from the emotional pain of abortion is quite amazing. It’s a journey full of grace, forgiveness and unexpected blessings that are often indescribable (to say the least).

If you would like more information of the effects of abortion, male or female, please let me know. If you would like to make that first step towards healing, let me know. I’d be honored to meet you in person, hold your hand, and walk through this journey with you.


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