"We are Family"

I grew up in the 70‘s & 80’s and most of my memories include songs from that era. We always had a radio on whether we were in the house, in the car or out in the yard. I love music! It is funny how words partnered with a tune can stay in your memory forever. “We Are Family” is the title of a song released in 1979. I grew up singing that song (at least the chorus “we are family, get up everybody and sing”).

When my children were young I taught it to my family. We would often get in a big group hug and the four of us would sing “we are family…I got mommy/daddy, sissy/brother with me…we are family…get up everybody and sing”. It became a familiar chant in our home and it reinforced our sense of belonging. It was a truth I wanted my children to believe. So as they grew and faced challenges and rejection from peers, teachers, coaches, etc. they would know that they had family and that we loved them. They always had a place of belonging.

Family was not man’s idea… it was God’s design. God created us for relationship and we all need it to live a fulfilling life. When my son was in his early teen years he went through a difficult season where he lost his place of belonging, so I printed a family picture and on the border I wrote the words “You Belong in Family – We Are Family”. He still has the photo hanging in his room to this day.

There are so many things, so many voices trying to pull our children and even our spouses away. Make sure you know, your spouse knows, and your children know that you each have a place of belonging, and that place is in family. Write a family mantra on the wall, sing a family chant or song that will serve to remind you all that “We Are Family”!


April is a professional life coach with BACC. April uses a coaching process that helps her clients create a personal vision and mission statement for their lives. She works with them to build a portfolio of their gifts, abilities, behavior traits, and values.

To learn more about April, email aprilbarnhillcounseling@gmail.com or visit our website.

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