We Need a Bigger Map: Finding Yourself - Part 2

I recently had the privilege of being the guest speaker at a Texas A&M Aggie Mom’s Club meeting. Even though I’m an Aggie, and a mom, I’m technically not a “mom of an Aggie”, so I’d never been to a meeting before. But since it was September, I imagined a room full of moms whose kid’s had recently left for college, similar to our “Life after Launch” group, and adapted my campus map talk to reach out to those who might have felt a little lost.

I actually had a moment of panic when the room filled to capacity, and I realized there were moms of all ages, many whose kids graduated college years ago. Was it too late to rewrite my talk? Would the audience relate to my message? I didn’t have to worry long – they called me up to the podium within minutes. I spent the next half hour talking, laughing, and connecting with the most gracious and receptive audience I could have hoped for, and realized we needed a bigger map. Feeling lost spoke to everyone.

How do we get to an unfamiliar place in our lives? Tragedy, loss of loved ones, and divorce are express tickets no one intentionally signs up for. But even without something catastrophic, we can lose ourselves in our jobs, our kids (at any age), or even our inability to say" no" to volunteer positions and friends.

Fortunately, there’s a path back to you. It won’t be the same you, but in time will become a stronger, wiser, 2.0 version of you.

The journey to find yourself will lead you down a path that restores your foundation (physical, emotional, and spiritual), reconnects your relationships, reinvents your career, hobbies and interests, and allows you to reenter your world. Finding your purpose and voice is so much more than the promise of a happy day – it’s the pursuit of sustainable joy. Joy that our creator God promises will flow from our lives when we allow His truth to lead us. So that in the midst of our circumstances, we will experience the fruit our life produces - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23.

It’s not always easy to find our way, but the road is there. Growing up in the suburbs, I eventually learned my way around my Houston hometown, this giant city, by being lost in every conceivable corner. I would often look around and think “Hmmm…I’ve been lost here before”. But eventually, I started to see how one area bordered, and was often even a bridge, to another. Same with our lives. It may seem we have different areas we box off from each other, but they all interconnect. And unlike my road map analogy, where we travel one road at a time, our life happens all at once. It can be a lot to navigate, so do what any good driver would do, slow down and ask for help when you need it.

My favorite part about the Aggie Mom’s Club meeting was the way the moms who had traveled the path before, stayed to support and encourage the moms who were just starting. If you’re feeling lost, reach out to a friend or someone you trust, and remember you can call me anytime for help with your next steps.

For an appointment or questions, contact Sharise Amante, at ShariseBarnhillCounseling@gmail.com or call 281-889-0534.

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