Just the crumbs…

So, my oldest daughter LOVES basketball. She plays fall ball, a full season at school and then AAU club ball in the off-season. We are basketball fools around here. Seriously!

Now, with club ball comes the wallet drain. You know – a different hotel every week as you travel around to play tournaments with the best of the best around the state. Some of the hotels leave a lot to be desired. But some of them are really swank. I mean, great beds, great showers (you know those showers with the water that leaves little divots in your skin – so good!). And of course, the BEST breakfast buffets EVER! I mean, Texas maple pecan waffles, yogurt and granola bars, every juice imaginable. You have to hit up Amazon for a second stomach just to get through this place. So, would you even in a million years walk up with your huge plate and empty stomach and grab Just. One. Crumb? Whaaaaaatt??

I know, you think I’m nuts for even suggesting it. The best food in all the land and I only grab a crumb? A little dried up crumb that was dropped from the waffle stack or bacon bin and that’s it? Seriously. NO.

But let me tell you something. You do this every day. Did you know that? Every day, you wake up to a buffet that God has placed before you known as life. There are rich dreams and tasty adventures. And you know what most of us do? We all just grab the plain, ordinary crumbs.

We don’t do it intentionally, now. We may be afraid of the tasty adventures. Or we may think we don’t deserve the rich dreams. We may harbor guilt from a time in our past when we overindulged and were hurt…or hurt others. Or when we made our beautiful plate of wonderful plans and someone smashed it on the floor.

But you know what? Every day, God lays out a fresh, new, amazing buffet for us and wants us to step up and enjoy! He planned this party and has some great things in store if we just trust Him and step forward to take a plate.

I know…I’ve beaten this metaphor hard, but I want you to understand that there are so many opportunities, adventures and dreams waiting to become reality for you. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11:

“'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'.”

If God came to you today and said, “Listen, I know you are afraid but I got this. I have a plan and it is wonderful. Just listen and follow me,” you would get those walking shoes on and get to moving. But He IS coming to you everyday. And whispering these things to you. Every. Single. Day. We just have to dial in and hear him. And then muster the trust to follow.

My sweet friends, don’t settle for the crumbs in life. The crumbs have been there for a while and they just aren’t tasty. God is inviting you to the buffet. All you have to do is grab a plate and decide which dish you are going to try first.

If you don’t know how to get started on this journey of trusting in Him or following His path, please come see me. I would love to help you discover your true purpose and what God has in store for you.

As always, I’m here when you need me.

Love, Natalie


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