When Food Doesn’t Fix It

My friends, I have a confession. And it’s a big one. I know it won’t come as a surprise if you have read any of my prior blogs that I am a foodie, food lover, food aficionado. And everything else that comes along with loving food.

But my confession today is greater than my love of food. My confession is that I am a Comfort Eater.

I crave comfort food in situations where I need a little TLC (or a lot). I seek out food at the end of the day after everyone goes to sleep and I can exhale from my stressful day. I seek out food when I am sad, happy, frustrated, angry, joyous…yup. Any emotion that I experience can trigger my need for a comfort meal. Yes, even happy times trigger happy stress that can lead to the need for a big bowl of mac and cheese.

Early on in my life, it would only take a little bit of something yummy to soothe my craving for comfort. But as I got older and stresses got bigger, I found myself turning to food more and more in every stressful situation. Bring on marriage and children, and I was seeking out comfort non-stop. I was in complete denial about how this eating for comfort was creating a huge dysfunction in my life. I wasn’t dealing with stress. I was eating it.

And then one day I woke up and faced the truth. I was so unhealthy - emotionally, physically, spiritually. I would sing songs of praise with the radio, in church on the weekend – I was singing “Jesus, You’re All I Need” but my reality was that I was turning to food to fill my every need.

I know, my sweet friend. I know I’m hitting a nerve deep down in that dark place we don’t talk about. Reading this make you feel uncomfortable or maybe emotional. I know. It hits home, doesn’t it. Not everyone eats for comfort, but for those of us who do, this hits a tender spot in our soul. And it’s time to find another way.

God wants to fill our every need. God wants us to crave him in every circumstance. God wants us to love ourselves as He loves us, and not harm ourselves through indulging in the desires of the flesh. He wants to make our relationship with food one that satisfies our need for a healthy meal, not our deeper desires of feeling known, heard and understood.

This is still a journey for me. There isn’t a quick fix, but working together in a community of spiritual and emotional support has allowed me to approach my relationship with God and food from a different, healthier perspective. And I want that so badly for you, too!

The amazing and brilliant Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries wrote a life-changing book called Made to Crave. It shines a big light on our cravings for food and how there is a better way to satisfy our soul – with God.

If you are feeling the pain of a craving food just can’t fix, I invite you to join us for the 6-week small group series on the Made to Crave study. We will begin on Thursday, November 10th, at 6:30 p.m. and will wrap up right before Christmas. What a gift to begin the New Year with a fresh new perspective on eating, and a thriving relationship with God!

To sign up, email me at NatalieBarnhillCounseling@gmail.com. The cost for the entire 6-week study is $25 plus materials. I promise a big a hug and a great conversation as we meet to explore how God is our one and only soul food. I can’t wait to meet you and begin our journey together!

For more information about the Made to Crave study, click here.

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