The Tasmanian Devil

When my daughter, Ava, was smaller we used to call her the Tasmanian devil. Not that she was a terror or anything. She was a pistol, though. But no, we called her this because everywhere she went, she left a mess in her wake. We would clean it up and she would tear through the room and it was a catastrophe again.

We would ask her why she was making such a big mess and her answer (in the cutest little three-year-old voice) was, “Mama, I’m so busy!” Busy? At three!?! She had things to do in her three-year-old world and just didn’t have the time to get organized and clean up.

She is an awesome 11-year-old now and a “bit” better at picking up her things (better than her older sister, anyway!). But other things have entered the picture that keep her in that “busy” frame of mind.

And isn’t that the curse of life today? We are always busy. And if we aren’t busy, there is almost a guilt or shame for not being busier. What’s up with that?

And let me tell you – busy isn’t a good thing.

Busy breeds disorganization, chaos and some serious overwhelm. And when you get to this point, good luck doing much of anything that is productive. Your brain is spinning and one small, unexpected happening brings everything crashing down like those plates on sticks that magicians try to keep up in the air. It just isn’t sustainable.

So what is the answer? Well, it starts with understanding your time. What does your day look like? What things during your day are HAVE To’s vs. WANT To’s? What time do you wake and sleep? How many waking hours do you have in your day? What are some things you can eliminate or transfer to another person to allow you a little more margin in your day?

Once you understand where you day is going, you can have more control over how you spend your time (a lot like making a financial budget!). And that is where peace comes in. You can take a big breath, exhale and know that removing “busy” from your life allows you to add “productive” back in. And no more Tasmanian devil.

Are you at your wit’s end and not sure where to start in the midst of your busy life? Let’s sit down so I can help you get back in balance! It’s an easy first step – just give me a call or email today!


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